Angel Hair Jollof

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Angel Hair Jollof

Made with Auntie Pats Original Medium Nigerian Tomato Sauce

An ordinary midday. A slight breeze passes between clay nudging the entrance ajar. Instantly piquant clouds of capsaicin-infused tomatoes gather lazily in the air, embracing notes of sautéed garlic, onions, and bay leaves. The scent paints a vivid portrait of jollof, the region's cherished masterpiece.


1. Angel hair pasta. We use a low carb//keto pasta

2. Auntie Pat's Original Medium

3. Goat cheese

4. Honey


1. Boil angel hair pasta until al dente. Add half teaspoon of honey. Use any desired amount of Original Medium as a finishing sauce.

2. Serve with sprinkle of goat cheese

Tasting Notes

A bright slightly citrus Original Medium is tempered with creamy and playful notes of honey and goat milk.